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 ZOOM GROUP - a SCAM Network

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#1PostSubject: ZOOM GROUP - a SCAM Network   Thu 21 Sep 2017 - 22:30

After the recent events, concerning what was i thought was going to be the first network to be at our service for a long time .... the CAN Group suddenly started to show weakness, vulnerability and being unstable. The drastic changes in their cashout policy heavily hit the core members of any PTC site ... the Standard or Free members. Let's see if CAN Group will survive on this kind of set up.

Another network in the making and possible scam... the ZOOM Group, i first noticed this network on EMS because the owner is participating there and with that action and the way he handles his network all i can say is... he is either a complete newbie that only wants to scam people or a veteran scammer. 

In a span of i think two months he already opened three PTC sites using outdated, nulled or illegal evolution scripts. I wonder how these sites will survive because outdated scripts tend to be vulnerable how can the seller of the nulled scripts can give full support? Obviously he is not the one who developed the script. The tendency is that the sites in time will break down and stall and what will happen to members?

Also, the owner during the zoomclix fiasco made a statement on EMS...

He is bragging that his network has an initial capital of more than $400k and yet he just cannot buy genuine PTC scripts? And he said that he is serious with this PTC business, but why creating one after another without even proving the worth of the first one? What's the first site has already accomplished?

Do you believe that this owner/admin is trustworthy? Not for me.

The PTC sites on this Zoom Group are zoomclix, buxzoom and ptczoom all in dot com.

Beware of these sites. Beware of Zoom Group.

Be safe.

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#2PostSubject: Re: ZOOM GROUP - a SCAM Network   Mon 30 Oct 2017 - 1:28

they have opened many sites quickly.. buxzom, zoomclix and many future projects are listed in their sites. Don't know why people are not promoting them much..surely they have past scamming history.
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