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 Earning with Paid-to-Click Sites

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#1PostSubject: Earning with Paid-to-Click Sites   Sun 5 Jun 2016 - 23:39

Earning with PTCs

The basic rule is to stick within a planned budget and do not invest more than what you can afford to lose. However, if you want to do it without investing money then here's a list of points to ponder.

The way of earning without any investment. (Long term)

After creating your account... 

1. Click all of your ads everyday and look out for extras.
2. Transfer earnings to purchase balance.
3. Rent referrals if you have enough.
4. Learn their clicking progress.
5. Recycle the inactive clickers.
6. Extend the active ones.
7. Enable autopay (optional).
8. Rent more referrals if you can after the renting days limit.
9. Do not request for cashout yet when reaching the minimum CO.
10. Along with all of these get or recruit direct referrals.
11. Continue renting within your limits.
12. Build up your purchase balance.
13. Upgrade your membership account.
14. Go back from 1 to 11.
15. Go back from 4 to 7.
16. Slowly build up your account balance while making cycles.
17. Start cashing out.

If you want it shorter you can upgrade anytime.
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Earning with Paid-to-Click Sites
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