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 On using Paypal with PTCs

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#1PostSubject: On using Paypal with PTCs   Wed 19 Aug 2015 - 13:45

For those who still didn't know, Paypal is the most popular and widely used online payment processor, but it is somewhat unfavorably getting known in doing periodic and non-periodic reviews and sometimes subsequent limitation to a ptc site's account, but still many owners were fond of using it even with that kind of action. Is there any ptc site that did not use Paypal and get popular and established? And, how did these established sites manage to avoid or survive this kind of Paypal action? And, why is that many got their Paypal account limited? For sure there's a reason, but are these owners when asked are really telling the truth? Or is Paypal really gives a specific reason?

Maybe one or some of these could be the answer. 

1. Although seldom happening anymore, allowing members to use unverified accounts, unverified means not having a bank account or a credit/debit card attached to a member's Paypal account that will increase his sending and receiving limit of which according to Paypal's FAQ:

Q: Do I need to get verified?
A: Yes. Eventually all PayPal accounts at some stage are required to be verified.

With this simple statement that even though transactions from members with unverified accounts can be allowed still, it is ideal and most safe transacting with verified accounts.

2. Limit for sending or receiving payments which every merchant (ptc sites owners) has.

3. Creating other Paypal accounts when the present one got limited or has problems.

4. Prohibited on-site activities such as gambling, revenue shares or others that resemble a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP).

5. Opening or acquiring other sites (make a network) and use Paypal may construe with point 2 and/or 3 above unless they use another one's account, if they have partners.

6. Owner's identity, country and past activities. This is just a thought, is there any Paypal guidelines or a list of people/countries being on watch? Because many ptc owners hide their identities, i wonder why, if they were sincere why hide?

And not only the sites owners' actions, but even members' attempted cheating can be responsible for a review or limitation of a ptc's Paypal account.

1. Members making unauthorized refunds. This is sending and suddenly making refunds on payments they made on purchases.

2. Members filing disputes against sites' valid services will also just trigger a limitation action when there are many different disputes being filed.

So, why still use Paypal? Because aside from its wider scope of services almost worldwide and majority of ptc users are using it, it is one of the safest as far as transacting money online is concerned that ptc site owners just couldn't resist using or else they will be just left behind by competitors which support Paypal.

Bottom line, a ptc site with Paypal is risky to use that one should learn to accept the circumstances that may go with it both with the owners and members.

That the sincere owners and members should be always aware of.
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#2PostSubject: Re: On using Paypal with PTCs   Tue 21 Mar 2017 - 14:03

Paypal has removed PTC sites.

Some 10,000,000 people earn money from PTC sites. cheers
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On using Paypal with PTCs
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