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 A short PTC Introduction

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#1PostSubject: A short PTC Introduction   Thu 4 Feb 2016 - 15:33

For those who completely doesn't know PTC and wants to try or newbies to this kind of online venture.

PTC, (paid-to-click) is an online business platform about clicking/viewing advertisers' offers for about 30 secs more or less. Earnings per click are in cents, but you can make a monthly residual income by referring people into your downlines because every time a referred member clicks an ad you get an extra % of money added to your own account, you can imagine your income potential with a few hundreds of referrals.

Direct referrals are members who registered under your personal affiliate link and yours to keep for as long as you are active and also them and rented referrals are those who registered with no referrer/up-line and were placed on the site's rental queue and can be rented for a certain period. So all members, no exceptions, will be ended up having an up-line.

Managing your rented referrals can also boost your earnings by recycling those who are inactive clickers and renewing those who are active. Remember that you have to click your ads every day to earn from your referrals' clicks. Also, upgrading your membership account is another way of improving your earnings, but test the site for a few months first before investing.

The common payment method is through online payment processors such as  Paypal, Payza (formerly Alertpay), Perfect Money and others some sites also uses bitcoins. Get an account if you do not have one you may need your payment processor email when registering.
Registration is 100% free, just visit the sites you find here and click on the register/join button or click on the banner images  anywhere in this website, complete the registration process, log in, start viewing advertisements, choose your affiliate banner and start displaying over the net to earn referrals. Regularly visit the site's forum for latest news and updates and make sure that you read their Terms of Service (TOS) to avoid any violations that may result to suspension or termination of your account.
And bear in mind that this requires time, patience and determination some sites may not work for you but work for the others or the other way around just keep on clicking on those you think works for you and keep on looking, join as many sites as you can handle and hunt for referrals.
Also, there are lots of PTC sites out there on the net, so if you decided to venture in this activity, be careful on what PTC site you sign up to because most of them are made just to scam or if not will eventually become one because of an unsustainable system, but if you are looking for some easy money, then a good and stable one might be the answer.

Happy earning.
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A short PTC Introduction
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