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 W3Adz (CAN Group) - Use with CAUTION

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#1PostSubject: W3Adz (CAN Group) - Use with CAUTION   Wed 13 Sep 2017 - 21:14

Due to recent changes on sites regarding payments in their CAN group network i will no longer use this site and the other sites as well under the mentioned network.

The standard and pioneer members will not get paid unless they upgraded their memberships or acquire a paid membership. I have been doubting this network when they started creating more PTC sites with almost identical features, two other sites in a span of months making it three.

Instead of creating other PTC sites why not just concentrate on the first one anyway they're almost identical horizontally and vertically. My assessment is that they are already getting unstable so they started creating other sites to cover the obligations of the other. And now that they can't hold anymore they start changing policies.

A good PTC do not force their members to invest before paying them.

Expect more drastic changes.

If you will use this network use with CAUTION.

Be safe.
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#2PostSubject: Re: W3Adz (CAN Group) - Use with CAUTION   Mon 30 Oct 2017 - 1:27

Now they are paying 10 free members daily.
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W3Adz (CAN Group) - Use with CAUTION
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